Location Switzerland

Go the safe route and choose Switzerland as your location!

Bring Switzerland into play for you and your clients! A Swiss location means stability and consistency. In today's climate of international crises – and in particular in the EU –sovereign Switzerland is a safe haven for international businesses.

Switzerland – a stable and economically friendly environment

Switzerland as a location will create an unparalleled competitive advantage for your business in the global economy whilst offering ideal conditions. The country has one of the most stable national economies in the world, with a liberal economic policy, an attractive taxation system and a highly-qualified workforce all ready and waiting for you.

The canton of Zug – a magnet for businesses

The city of Zug has some of the most attractive taxation conditions within Switzerland as well as plenty of other advantages to offer. Many international and also domestic companies have already established themselves here – either in the form of domiciles, branch offices, subsidiaries or indeed for their headquarters. It has an economically friendly mind-set and an excellent infrastructure for international businesses. For nigh on 1,000 years now, Zug has represented stability, a secure and reliable legal and fiscal system and an absolutely crisis-proof location in the Swiss Alps.

Zug also has the advantage of its ideal location, both geographically and in terms of transport links, in between Lucerne and Zurich. The city on the shores of Lake Zug has around 30,000 inhabitants and is within easy and rapid reach of Zurich Airport.

Location Switzerland