Will Sielva Management SA support me in defining a tax framework which is designed to optimise my fiscal situation in my home country?

Sielva Management SA can only help you set up and manage "clean companies". What we will not advise you on is activities regarding tax evasion or money-laundering, and we do not offer any services or management capacities to this effect.

We reserve the right – and have indeed exercised this right on a number of occasions – to refuse requests or mandates of this kind and in certain circumstances even terminate overall contracts.

Conversely, our clients can rest assured that the fiscal optimisation possibilities which we offer are recognized by the domestic tax authorities and fully comply with the international requirements of the OECD, including in terms of the laws governing money-laundering.

Why should I create a branch office or a company in Zug for my international business?

Many international businesses have activities, services and assets which are not limited by national borders and where the location of the services provided or the assets can be chosen with relative freedom. And for services like these, a Swiss location is absolutely ideal.

Switzerland has an image of solidity and security and one that is viewed in a positive light by clients and customers. A Swiss company with a Swiss bank account creates trust, particularly in matters of international payment, while the country's accounting principles correspond to international standards and annual reports have real worth. Made in Switzerland is a wonderful quality for your international business relations to have.

What is meant by a "clean company"?

Together with your tax consultants and lawyers, we will define the possible fiscal, organisational and legal frameworks for the proposed company structure. Should we not have the necessary capacities available, we are in contact with other partners from international tax consultants, auditing and corporate law firms and can bring them in – where necessary – to help with the planning of the new company structure.

We will constantly monitor the requirements and approaches that are determined, whilst also taking into account and keeping an eye on other requirements from international organisations such as the OECD, the UN and the EU.

Should you require, your tax consultants can also disclose the overall set-up to your domestic tax authorities.

With our "clean company" strategy you can be sure that you are in safe hands!

Is it also possible just to have assets or participation in a company like this?

Again, we adhere to the fiscal and legal requirements in these matters. Provided that you can prove the origin of the assets going back at least one level and that any other requirements regarding international transactions are observed, then this is very much a possibility, and Zug as a location once again provides an excellent starting point for international capital and financial assets.

Is it true that there are only really holding and PO Box companies in Zug?

Zug does indeed have somewhat of a reputation in this respect, but it is far from being the reality of the situation! It has fair fiscal framework conditions and excellent management by the authorities, and as such has been attracting many global firms for a number of years now. Many international companies – including Siemens, Johnson & Johnson, Roche Diagnostics, Novartis and Petroplus – have already moved their headquarters to Zug. The canton is not just full of "PO Box companies" – it is a strong, burgeoning economic location and home to tens of thousands of jobs.

What is the point of a Swiss company if you cannot use it for tax evasion purposes?

It is true that some international clients create businesses with tax avoidance or evasion as part of their intent. "Truth will out", or so the saying goes, and that is usually the case when the tax authorities get on the case. And anyone who is reliant or depending on that money will find themselves faced with a struggle to keep their business alive.

On the other hand, international corporate law opens up a host of legal possibilities to deal with and solve these issues in an international way. Due to the variability of international tax law, there can never be 100-per cent certainty, but with matters like these being crucial to a company's existence, it is always better to choose a genuine solution rather than finding yourself under scrutiny for tax investigators due to illegal activities. When that happens, the price to be paid usually far outweighs the taxes evaded, both in financial and punitive terms.

How much does it cost to set up a Swiss company?

Setting up a business is usually carried out by Swiss notaries and lawyers and as a rule – and of course depending on the time required – costs between CHF 3,000 and CHF 7,000. On top of this there are fees for the certification and registering with the chamber of commerce, which vary between c. CHF 1,000 and CHF 2,000. We will charge you for around two billable hours of work. In total therefore, you should allow between CHF 4,000 and CHF 10,000 to set up a business.

How much does it cost to manage a company?

We strive for total transparency, which is why you will find our price list on our website.

For domiciliation, most of the costs come from forwarding your post – we calculate these as fixed costs rather than invoicing every envelope and each working minute and we do of course discuss how your post and calls should be forwarded to you. After all, some customers prefer to have their post forwarded directly, others want all of their post except the advertising and then there are those who want their post scanned and mailed. You are the client – you decide! We will then give you a transparent calculation of the time spent.

For all activities as board of directors, management and running of subsidiaries, the main costs come from the financial and legal responsibility which we are required to assume for you and your company. Official representation makes stringent demands in terms of employees, qualifications and the work performed. Furthermore, the internal work flow has to be documented for the monitoring authorities and institutions. Many commercial enterprises and private individuals would only take on this kind of external liability in exchange for guarantees. We therefore have to charge set fees for these tasks.

What is the best way to contact Sielva Management SA?

Simply use the contact form to make a request or have your tax consultant, notary, asset manager or lawyer get in touch with us.