We are the hub for all specialists involved

Service providers for lawyers, tax consultants and trustees as well as business and family offices.

Lawyers, tax consultants and trustees in Switzerland

We will protect your clients on your behalf. We will merely act as a service-provider for your office, providing you and your clients with the necessary board of directors or domicile. We will strengthen your client relationship for you and direct any legal and fiscal issues right back to you. Since we are on an equal footing in technical matters, we can also support you not only in terms of setting up a business seamlessly and managing your affairs but also by offering certain services which can save you time and money!

International lawyers, tax consultants and trustees outside Switzerland

What is important here is close cooperation with consultants who are on site. We will find the right lawyers and tax consultants in Switzerland for your clients and arrange for all the necessary measures to be taken on your behalf. We will manage the specialised legal and fiscal issues and ensure that both domestic (for example the Money Laundering Act) and the main European and International requirements (e.g. those set out by the OECD) are being adhered to.

Your client thus remains your client, while we provide you with support only on Swiss soil. Our expert overview when it comes to setting up a business and company management for your clients will save you time and money! With Sielva Management SA on board, you and your clients can sleep soundly at night – and so can the financial authorities!

Businesses and businesspeople

For international businesses and for small and medium-sized companies which operate on an international basis, we in conjunction with Swiss  lawyers and tax consultants offer tailored and robust solutions to meet almost every commercial challenge.

Family offices

Your assets and your family office will also be in good hands in Switzerland. We have individual packages for the administrative management of a Swiss family office and will gladly work in close collaboration with your asset managers.