Play it safe with Switzerland as your location

Made in Switzerland? You too can advertise for yourself in this way! Bring Switzerland into play for your client or yourself! A Swiss location means stability and constancy. Especially in the context of international crises - including the EU crisis - sovereign Switzerland is a safe haven for international companies.

We are one of the leading companies in Switzerland in the field of domiciliation and management of international companies - since 1976.

Sielva Management SA is a Swiss joint stock company with its headquarters in Zug. We have been providing our services for over 35 years.

Your contact person

With Pascal Schmid as Managing Director, you have a competent, experienced financial expert and business economist at your side.

A very simple fee system

You can find our price list here: German and English.

We manage and administer your companies and domiciles in Switzerland - reliably and efficiently for over 35 years.

We manage business activities for companies and entrepreneurs in cooperation with national and international law and tax consulting firms, fiduciary offices and consultants. Sielva Management SA takes on administrative tasks for you or your client, as well as the board of directors and management functions of the Swiss location. Whether you need a traditional domicile (postal address), a branch or a representative company, we will be happy to find out what is the best solution for you. In addition to our product packages, we also offer tailor-made service solutions.

It's easy to start a Swiss company!

All of your administrative work will be done by us.

1. Project Definition

Definition of the project and establishment of your new company. We usually organize a meeting with the founder, his advisors, the Swiss lawyer, if necessary also with the tax advisors involved and us in Zug. If the foundation has already been determined or if the missing clarifications can already be carried out in advance by telephone, the foundation can also be carried out directly by Swiss notaries on this day in Zug and a few days later your company is already active.

2. The Bank

Approx. 2 weeks later a second visit can follow if you would like to accompany the bank talks yourself or if the bank would like to get to know you personally.

Even easier, a Swiss domicile:

Then a visit to Zug is sufficient and all the necessary clarifications can already be made on this day. You may have to send us a few more documents. If you only want to found a domicile first, the procedure is even easier. The entire legal process is handled by our Swiss lawyers in cooperation with you or your lawyers. And also after the foundation we take care of all current affairs of your company in Switzerland.

Tailor-made solutions for companies and their law firms
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Sielva Management SA 
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CH-6300 Zug 
Tel. +41 41 711 15 62

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